Using Roof Fans to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

There are several methods to assist with the appropriate ventilation. You can install ridge vents which are continuous running vents along the ridges or peaks of the roofing that are then topped of with roof repair shingles so they look good and give you added ventilation. A couple of inches of the roofs heating is cut down from the peak on each side to enable the appropriate ventilation.

There are several ways to properly ventilate your roof and attic. You can install running vents along the ridges of your roof which will not only look good but will provide proper ventilation to prolong the life of your shingles/tiles. Gable vents are another way you can improve the circulation of air in the roof/attic that will help keep that area cooler during the summer months. They also come with a thermostat so that it will only operate at certain temperatures.

Roof fans are one of the best way to help ventilate your entire roof. Quiet often people don’t have their overhangs properly setup. A few ways to solve this issue include covering them with aluminum or have wood overhangs.

Roofing vents can be positioned on the back side of the home where they are less apt to been seen and these help a lot. There are also some great roofing ventilators that can be utilized.

One such ventilator is called the Aura Ventilator which acts like a turbine to remove heat from the attic. There are likewise solar powered ventilators like Aura Solar Powered Roof Fan which is powered by the sun and can offer huge energy cost savings.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss roofing material. Of all, the lighter the color of the roofing system the much better it will be at reflecting the heat. Believe me, dark colored roof truly holds the heat and therefore your a/c unit will run longer then with a lighter colored product.

The Oak Ridge National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the Florida Solar power Center have actually created a chart that shows the very best roofing materials for Solar Reflectance and Roofing Temperature level.

The Importance of Proper Attic Insulation


proper attic insulationOne of the best home improvement projects that can quickly turn into a profit is by insulating your attic properly. If you are in a hot environment such as the south west for example, proper attic insulation can significantly lower your energy costs.

At first, you will need to know how insulation works, but fear not it’s pretty easy. Basically proper attic insulation will prevent heat or cold air from entering your home. Below I will cover the ways you can do this properly.

Glowing: this is one heat moves from one body to another. For example if you stood outside during a sunny day you feel the heat from the sun’s rays beating on your skin, this is an example of a glowing transfer of heat.

Conductive – This is when 2 bodies are physically touching each other and the heat moves from one to the other by way of that contact. If you put your hand in ice cold water, the heat from your body moves into the water.

Convective – This is when heat transfers from one body to another through a liquid or gas. For instance, if you heat up a pot of water to boiling on the range and you hold your hand above the steam, the heat from the water is moved to your hand by way of the steam.

What most people use for their insulation is fiberglass which looks like pink cotton candy. While it acts as a great buffer to prevent the motion of air, it also does a horrible job and reducing the transfer of heat from your attic and into your home.

When utilizing this kind of insulation, exactly what you search for is R value. R value is the measure of thermal resistance that a substance has. Said another method, this is just how much a material resists heat circulation. The greater the R value, the more resistance to heat circulation. What R value do you need? It depends on where you live, your house’s building and numerous other variables. Thankfully, the Department of Energy produced a tool to assist you figure that out. The tool asks you numerous questions and after that provides advised R values for different parts of your house based on that info you went into.

Why You Should Use a Solar Attic Fan

One of the biggest reasons people shy away from green energy products is because of the up front expenses involved. There are a number of things you can do that can make actually make you money in the long run. One of the products that we are going to cover in this article is the Solar Attic Fan. This is one of the easiest ways to add solar to your home and will be one of the best financial investments you could ever make.

A few reasons why you should use an Attic Fan:

One of the main brands we will be referring to is Magenn Solar. They sell some of the best attic fans on the market. Now onto the good stuff. Well, lots of people currently utilize exhaust fans in their peaked attics or crawl space. This can increase the requirement for air conditioning and other energy utilizing cooling approaches or simply make your home hotter throughout the summer season which is uneasy.

In the spring, fall and winter, solar attic fans can also enhance ventilation and reduce wetness in the air of your attic which protects anything you have up there in addition to your insulation which will be far more effective when dry and well ventilated. Typical attic fans are wired into the Air Conditioner power of your house while solar attic fans take their power from the very sun that is warming your attic air. If you currently have a conventional attic fan in your house, a solar attic fan is a simple financial investment that will save you cash in the long run and set a fantastic example to others in your neighborhood. Below is a video going over how solar energy works:

Depending on your roofing setup, you’ll have the ability to discover a solar attic fan that will satisfy your requirement. Some systems are self contained and have the fan and the solar panel in the same unit and need to be roofing installed while others are created for separate installation – meaning the solar panel can be mounted in one area and the fan can be mounted in another. Magenn Solar has some information on their website which goes into more depth on this subject.

Solar attic fans are definitely feasible for most Do It Yourself lovers. There are a number of things you have to take into consideration prior to selecting the solar attic fan for you.

If your roofing came to a head or flat?
Is your home oriented properly for solar direct exposure?
Do you have non-shaded location for the solar panel install?
Do you have a correct air intake to offset the air being blow out (you do not want a vacuum)?
Solar attic fans run in cost from $300 to $600. If you have somebody useful in your house, they can probably finish the entire setup – in face this is a fantastic starter task for renewable resource enthusiasts. You can likewise have solar attic fans installed by an expert service provider, roofing contractor or handyman if you are so inclined. So if you’re searching for a quick, economical and fairly easy way to make your home more effective for the summer season time, then consider a solar attic fan! Your house will be cooler, your attic will be clothes dryer and more comfy and you will not be using any electricity making it occur!